Welcome To Velammal
 Our Philosophy
Velammal’s philosophy is that all the students will be productive, proactive, ethical and responsible citizens in the twenty-first century. Velammal enhances achievements for students from all backgrounds to cherish their goals in the areas of language, mathematics, social studies, arts and science as represented by improved test data, attendance, discipline and participation in school activities and to advance the knowledge of technology and real world vocations in order to address economic and employability demands.
No achievement is impossible. All that every individual has to do is dream, focus and choose the right path towards achieving the desired dream through sustained smart work.
Institution’s philosophy is founded on the belief that education is all about fun-filled learning, enjoyable and relevant to 21st Century Competitive world, while unleashing the creative potential of the child. The learning environment in our school is aligned with enGauge 21st Century Skills frame work.
The six critical elements for fostering 21st century skills are:
1 Emphasizing core subjects, namely English, reading or language arts, mathematics, science, civics, government, economics, arts, history and geography
2 Emphasizing learning skills namely information and communication skills, thinking and problem-solving skills, and interpersonal and self-directional skills.
3 Using 21st century tools to develop learning skills.
4 Teaching and learning in a 21st century context.
5 Teaching and learning 21st century content namely global awareness; financial, economic and business literacy; and civic literacy.
6 Using 21st century assessments that measure 21st century skills
These environments foster learning tailored to the needs and wants of the individual. This sort of learning occurs anytime in anyplace, when and where the learner desires. It takes place in a context of relevance, “just in time,” rather than “just in case.” And such learning offers “just what I need” – that is, the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills through learning strategies that are personalized and adapted to the learner's own learning styles and preferences.