Welcome To Velammal
Chairman’s Message

I am very glad to appreciate your decision for selecting our school for your child’s education. I welcome you and your child to our institution

As the chairman of the educational trust I am very delighted to exchange my thoughts with you. I would like to do it personally which I had done in the past but due to time constraints I feel, penning this message will serve the purpose.

I hail from a very poor family from a backward district of Tamil nadu, Sivaganga. Educated from the local Tamil medium Govt. School, civil diploma from a polytechnic part B.E. from Engineering College, Worked in Govt. service for a short while, tried several business, headed a civil engineering company.

With this background it is always my belief, that I could create and head, as the chairman, an educational trust with over 40,000 pupils and 3000 teaching staff and non teaching staff,

Engineering colleges, a management institute, a prestigious international school, seven matriculation schools and a CBSE school.
Yet another year has passed and we have crossed some more milestones. At every step we had the support and motivation provided by the confident parents, dedicated teachers and committed students. Today, Velammal group of institutions is growing from strength to strength with ethical professional practices and is recognized as a reputed name in education. In all these years of experience, I learnt one very simple yet very significant lesson. The needs of the society are like an ocean and the service we render are mere drops. So I am now determined to add as many drops as I can and say to myself with contentment, I tried my best. Today, my vision is to set on raising the statue of 'Velammal to a University' by the year 2009, by establishing more schools, Engineering Colleges, Professional and Medical Institutions in the state and country. The task is arduous and the path is grueling but I have two things going for me, one my mother's words of motivation and other the society's unstinting support.
The question that always arises in my mind is, if I could succeed with the help of my dedicated staff, then why not my students?
My answer to this question is always YES. To achieve success my belief is
Dream Big
Think Differently
Always Focus
Work consistently
Learn from the past failures
Correct your mistakes

So our Trust in its journey plays a very vital part in making successful global champions. All that we expect from our Velammal parents is to do a continuous follow up of your child’s progress in all their endeavors.

In the electronic fast paced age of competition children are achieving very high distinctions, but the greatest support they require from the parents is instilling of human values, Indian culture and heritage, the secret of hard work and achieving ethical success, thus creating a happy and successful life.This can be done only by the parents and the institution.