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Comprehensive Admission Policy
Admission Registration
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New Admission Package contains the following at a cost:
Application form
Fee Structure
Parent manual
Transport Application
Transport Guide
The parent is to submit the duly filled in Registration Forms to the office of the AC and collect the Entrance Exam Hall Ticket cum Registration Acknowledgement.
The office of AC separates the filled in Registration Forms compartment-wise and sends them to the office of the ACO concerned.
The Entrance Exam Committee (EEC) headed by the ACO plans for the Venue of Entrance Exam, Seating Plan, Invigilation and evaluation of answer scripts. The Staff Coordinator who heads the team of Question Paper Setters (QPS) plans for the preparation, printing and distribution of the Entrance Exam Question Papers to the compartment EEC.
The corrected Answer scripts along with Mark Lists are sent to the Marks Verification Officer (MVO) for class-wise Consolidated Mark Statement (CMS). The MVO records the score of Registration Forms next to the total of the Entrance Exam on the CMS and adds both the total, which will be the grand total of the Entrance Exam.
The ACO verifies the data on the CMS with the utmost care and forwards the same to the Principal. The CMS with selected candidates approved by the CEO, with the signature of the Sr. Principal is sent back to the Results Announcement Committee (RAC) through the ACO for the results to be displayed on the notice board the day after the next day of the Entrance Exam.
The RAC also prepares and submits the Selection Card for the successful candidates in the Entrance Exam to the AC. The office of the AC distributes the Selection Card and also the Application Forms along with prospectus at the cost of Rs. 200/- (LKG - V) and Rs. 250/ (Std VI - X & XI) to the parents on getting signature in the prescribed format in a notebook.
The duly filled in application form is submitted to the office of the Admission Coordinator (AC) to obtain the Admission Slip.
On procuring the Admission Slip, the parent pays the fee in full within the stipulated date at the fee counter.
Only the payment of the fee in full, confirms one's admission.