Welcome To Velammal
Our Academic Mission
Institution’s philosophy is founded on the belief that education is about fun filled learning, enjoyable and relevant to todays and any morrow’s competitive world, unleashing the creative potential of the child. Learning at Velammal is child-centered and growth oriented. In Velammal teachers are the true friends, philosophers and guides to the students. The school has created an atmosphere where discipline becomes the second nature of the child. The teaching methodology followed is innovative and experimental, which makes learning process an enlightening one, igniting the child’s intellectual curiosity. In Velammal - Surapet the curriculum has been so framed that the individual child is the core of whole programme. An atmosphere of relaxed easy human relationship between the children and the teachers pervades the classrooms.
Academic Plan:
The School follows the Matriculation syllabus for classes KG to 10th and state board syllabus for 11th and 12th.
The school, recognized by Govt. of Tamil Nadu, follows the curriculum, which is in accordance with the specifications of the Directorate of School Education. To ensure successful implementation of the curriculum, the year has been divided into three terms and careful distribution of the content has been done. In each term for classes from LKG to class VIII, each term is further divided into two small terms. At the end of the first short term, mid term examination is conducted. Similarly at the end of the second part of the term, terminal examination is conducted. For classes from IX to XII, the cumulative cycle tests are conducted. Every week, two cycle tests are conducted.

The curriculum design is made in the beginning of each year. To implement the system, dedicated staff members are teaching and fully involved in imparting the knowledge to the children.
The syllabus addresses all the possible opportunities and scope for the students to develop their talent and hone their skills.
To have Effective governance over the imparted curriculum, the school is segmented into wings:
Kinder Garden
Netaji Wing
Gandhi Wing
Tilak Wing
Bharatiyar Wing
Sports School of Excellence
Gifted School of Excellence
To impart the curriculum, the main wings are classified into KG compartment, Pre primary compartment, Primary compartment, Middle compartment, High school compartment and Higher Secondary Compartment. For each compartment, an Academic Coordinator is assigned. For each subject, apart from the Head of the Department, a subject caretaker takes care. Dean motivates the team and guides the entire school. The Chief Executive Officer is heading the entire school with the guidance of the dynamic Chairman.

The academic experts in various disciplines decide the areas to be concentrated for a holistic learning to make the child excel, in physical, mental and spiritual development. Apart from the syllabus given by the Board, the subjects viz., value education, computer science, health education, environmental science, ariviyal Tamil and the general knowledge are also included. After the careful designing, the subject experts select the textbooks and the materials for the year.

For the main aspect of delivering the planned outcome, a new concept has been implemented. For every short term, two days are assigned for planning and preparation. Under the guidance of the subject care takers and the HODs, the teachers decide the portion to be covered for the term, the design of the blue print and the weightage. Also the teachers prepare the class notes and the question bank. The teachers also prepare the lesson on the power point. Beside these the teacher teaches Educom smart class content and Heymath content using smart class digi boards. The teacher also prepares worksheet, static models, dynamic models, charts Etc. The delivery done is more focused on experimental learning. For the content in every subject, a plan for the homework is also designed. More activities, projects and field trip based assignments are also designed.

To improve the communication in the language especially in English, a separate system is devised consisting of reading, listening, speaking and creative writing. Marks are awarded and included on the progress card. For the science subjects apart from the main laboratories, mini laboratories are also at par in functioning.

Periodical checking is done by the higher authorities on class work, class work correction, home work, home work correction, slide show, activities conducted, slip tests, revision etc.. For the staff members, the experts conduct periodical programmes. Stephen a covey- by the Educational Initiatives conducted the 7 habits of effective people – motivational programme for all the heads and also for the Board examination handling staff members.

For every month, Project day on every subject is conducted. The school has tied up with the Hindu paper, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle and Punnagai Ullagam and conducts programmes on ‘newspaper in education’ periodically. To ensure the skill in English language, new word and news note books are introduced. Every day, the child is helped to learn a new unknown word by maintaining a new wordbook. The hard words in the subjects are put together and a ‘pocket word’ book is also supplied to our students. Every week, a mass dictation test is also conducted. Achievers are awarded prizes. To cultivate the habit of reading, ‘reader of the month’ is selected. For every short term, the achievers in the academic as well as in the communication skill are awarded with the prizes. For the high and higher secondary classes, study skill programmes are conducted in the beginning of every academic year by the Blue Lotus.

To bridge the gap between the board examination and the various competitive entrance examinations, professors from the esteemed universities of various disciplines are taking the additional classes. For the slow learners, coaching class system is implemented free of cost.